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How can your company achieve top-quality marketing without breaking the budget?

Yngvar Ugland with Solan and Ludvig during the opening of the "Hallingdal innovation and sustainability center". Photo: Anders Medhus.

Sometimes you need expertise and/or extra help to ensure progress and quality in marketing. It would be nice to take some new photos, it would be nice to document this with video/drone footage. A better, more reliable website. New texts. Someone responsible for updates and content production on a fixed schedule. Someone to ensure that we handle personal data in accordance with GDPR. And what about Google ranking, how do we increase visibility?

Yes, you can contact an agency that has all imaginable expertise in-house. It has its advantages but also comes with a series of meetings, processes, and invoices.

At Hallingcast, you only meet one person, and my name is Anders.

In my over 20 years of experience, I have learned a lot and - not least - built a solid network of specialists who always deliver top quality within their fields. In the marketing profession, Hallingcast plays the role of a competent and resourceful project manager; we master photography, filming, drone footage, content production, and website building. My network delivers the rest of what you - and I - need, at the agreed time and price. That way, I keep costs down and under control, to the delight of my own sleep quality and your marketing budget.

At Hallingcast, we manage small and large projects steadily and preferably exceed expectations. We work on a stopwatch, not a taximeter.

Take the leap with Hallingcast!

Businesses in Hallingdal deserve top quality and a modest price level. It is, of course, also possible to find those who deliver cheaper marketing, just as you can buy running shoes for a couple of hundred bucks. Marketing and marathons have in common that they are about maintaining a high level in the long run. Then cheap running shoes are the last thing you want on your feet.

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