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Terms of collaboration

At Hallingcast AS, we value openness and flexibility in our collaboration with clients. To achieve this, we focus on adaptable working methods and communication as the foundation for a successful partnership.

Working methodology

We operate with an approach based on an hourly rate for production time, ensuring that you only pay for the time we actively work on your project. Our goal is to offer a predictable and fair pricing structure that reflects the value of the work we perform.

Examples of Our Services

Primary: Immaterial work, which includes our main products such as film production, photography, web development, graphic design, and marketing strategies.

Secondary: Manual work includes services such as assistance on larger projects, driver for transportation of goods, and other similar manual tasks.

For complex and large technical projects, such as advanced web solutions, we prefer to agree on prices and budgets in advance, and in some cases, invoice a konto based on an agreement that suits both parties.

Additional Services

Drone photography: Due to necessary insurances and certifications, we include an additional charge for this service.

Transport/driving: For driving out of the municipality where our office premises are located (Ål municipality), there is an additional charge that covers travel expenses and operating costs associated with this.


A key to the success of a project is regular and open communication. We encourage prompt responses to emails and phone inquiries to maintain the progress of the project. We understand that immediate response is not always possible, and therefore encourage a brief message that a more detailed answer will be provided as soon as possible.

Payment terms

We operate with a standard payment deadline of 14 days for our invoices, but are open to adjust this based on individual agreements to meet our clients' needs.

By choosing Hallingcast AS for your services, you engage in a partnership built on mutual respect, transparency, and a common goal to create valuable results.

We look forward to exploring how we can realize your projects together.