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In the heart of Hallingdal's geographical hub, businesses from all over the country gather

Case study
Britt from administration, photographed under the logo lamp casting light over the geographical midpoint of Hallingdal. Photo: Anders Medhus.

It hasn't always been this way. This place has evolved from being a gathering spot for green-clad Norwegians (the Home Guard) – to a local hub for preparedness under municipal management – to a center for sustainability, innovation, and preparedness, under private ownership.

Hallingcast has been part of this journey, responsible for brand building – offering a wide range of marketing services – since 2007. In this article, we will share some experiences to inspire how we can assist your business and address similar needs.


We are, of course, talking about Torpomoen. When we were first introduced to the company and the place, it was a fairly typical "case" with a managing director and administrator seeking a little help with their website. In 2008, Torpomoen got new owners. Owners who saw potential for the place. Owners who had (and still have) ambitions for the future.

The value of supporting local vendors

The initial task from the parent company was to remove the "HV stamp" and create a new logo. Thus began a thorough process of identity building and branding.

We, under Utforming Medhus ENK as we were called at the time, were involved from day one because we had been managing the company's website, and had already improved and revised the site over several years, when a new profile was needed.

An external agency was hired for a pre-project on identity work.

I don't remember all the details, but at some point, the owners put their foot down regarding the communication agency, as the price tag turned out to be in the mid-range of a six-figure amount (NOK), and yet might not hit the mark.

Hallingcast is the choice for those who feel uneasy about involving larger environments that resort to lengthy, costly processes without improving the end product.

We made the process brief and created a lasting, sustainable identity. The importance of a good visual identity cannot be overstated. Not least, we completed the tasks for a tenth of the costs compared to the external agency.

A wide range of marketing services

To cut a long story short (2007 to 2023). We have delivered all visible marketing material for Torpomoen's many areas of operation. In summary: Visual identity (logo and brand manual), websites, advertising, printed materials (signage, advertising, exhibition equipment, flags, foiling, decoration, etc.), embellishments, photography, and film production

Towards the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, when the Hallingdal Innovation and Sustainability Center was to open, we were also involved in what, for us at least, was the icing on the cake, namely the outfitting of Torpomoen's offices for its other focus areas: Sustainability and innovation. Theodor Rimspoke's workshop became the seed for Hallingcast AS, as you can read about here.

We thank you for your trust and conclude with a photo series, and a film that we made for Hallingdal Fire and Rescue Service IKS and Torpomoen Development AS. All photos: Anders Medhus.

Contact us if you need marketing services.

Snippet from the sustainability corner on the second floor at Torpomoen. The offer is free and open to everyone.
Snippet from Reodor Felgen's (Theodor Rimspoke's) workshop. This is perhaps some of the most enjoyable work we've done, free creative expression for something that many people have a connection to.
The value of thinking locally. Picture (from Sundreball in Ål) now hangs in the canteen, showing connection to local engagement and improving the work environment.
Picture from a forest fire exercise at Torpomoen, plastered on a wall at the end of the canteen.
From the third floor at Torpomoen. We have delivered a total of 5 lamps with logos, like the picture at the top, and this picture of "Hallingdal Økonomiservice's" offices.
Drone and documentary photo during one of the many Volvo gatherings held at Torpomoen every year.
From the photo series "Do a knock out at the Christmas stress" where we have collaborated with Hallingdølen on advertising leading up to Christmas. At Torpomoen, you can combine mandatory courses with exquisite food from Hallingdal Catering.
From Bjørn Erik's Safety Shop at Torpomoen. Here we have delivered foil and pictures at the top of the shelves.
Setup picture to show how the training house "Vekterbygget" can be used for training for both emergency services and businesses to strengthen preparedness, and the work with this.
At the Hallingdal Innovation and Sustainability Center, it should naturally be possible to say something about "Innovation prospects for Hallingdal." We made a metal plate and magnetic symbols. See also the film at the bottom of the article.
From the opening of Vekterbygget. We installed the logo, clearly visible from Rv7, provided by one of our partners, Geilo trykk og reklame.
Photo for a slightly different sign map. Welcome to Torpomoen.


Thank you for your trust

Through many years of brand building, Torpomoen has been a real adventure journey, seen from a supplier's perspective, with very many and very different types of assignments. Visible to a lot of companies. It will be exciting to be part of Torpomoen's further development.

Hallingcast is located on the second floor at Torpomoen, and we have both coffee and tea.

Drop by, or use the contact form here, for a non-binding chat about how our services can help you and your business.