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Board and partners

When the task requires it, we hire expertise from one or more of the company's regular partners. We collaborate with the most skilled in their fields; these individuals use fewer hours and hit the mark on the first attempt. Plus, they are pleasant and easy to work with - that's equally important.

Anders Medhus
Anders Medhus Owner and CEO
Steinar Medhus Chairman of the board
Stian Oland Board member
Jørund Li Board member

Visual communication

The significance of a good, unique, and weather-resistant visual identity cannot be overstated in a time where most things are digital.

Art Director Dmytro Korol and his team assist in giving our concepts and ideas a visual identity and a clear fingerprint on all surfaces and in all channels.

We have been moving pixels together since 2013.

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Global partners in tech

P2H Inc., with Sofiia Demchenko and Przemyslaw Piekoszewski as project managers along with the 500+ employees spread worldwide. They've delivered markup and code magic, including the basics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, on over 100,000 projects in 164 countries.

They've been with us from wild ideas since 2008, like being able to move post-it notes around on a website - four years before, to fountains of emoji with exact millisecond timing.

Together we've progressed from HTML-4 to HTML-5, and three versions of CSS - through hundreds of projects, since Anders began with web design in the early 2000s. We're ready for more web innovation for Hallingdal, and beyond.

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Composer Ådne Lyngstad Nilsen is a musical genius who understands the needs of customers. He has created jingles and music for Hallingcast and our clients. He has won awards in several genres - from folk music to metal.

Ådne primarily works with short films, feature films, and theater. He is our "partner in crime" when our music library for the type of film production we're engaged in isn't sufficient. If one of our clients needs a sound jingle for their corporate logo in their films, Ådne from Leveld is the right man for the job!

Email and server technology

Digital security and the need for reliable partners in this field may be more important now than ever. Since 2023, we have chosen to collaborate with Deploi in server technology and email.

A brief about Deploi: Founded in 2018 by 3 entrepreneurs. CEO, Martin F. Johansen holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oslo (2013). Dedicated data center strategically located in the eastern part of Norway. Steady growth since inception, with ambitions for stable and long-term operations. Norwegian value creation. Last but not least, excellent customer service.

Bewide and Seeds

Morten Tangerås (BeWide) and Anders Medhus had the most innovative web solutions in Hallingdal in the 2000s. Including DEFA.

Seeds, Morten's current workplace, delivers some of the most advanced website solutions in Europe. With this expertise in the loop, we have enough confidence to take on larger projects ourselves.

Hallingcast primarily focuses on CraftCMS, and secondarily on Wordpress. Craft has, among other things, won an award for "Best Alternative to Wordpress". We are Morten's local partner for old websites on WideCMS.

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Other supplier partners

If you scroll all the way down here, to the so-called "footer" or bottom of the websites, you'll find - as on many other websites - contact information. Here we've also listed some of our local partners for print materials, national partners for promotional items (with dealership agreements), and global partners for innovation and technology.

The image is from Fujifilm Nordics' visit to Reodor Felgen's workshop.

Photo: Ole Johs Brye.