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From our studio. Here we also have green screen capabilities. "Run'n'gun" in film production describes an improvised and fast filming style where scenes are shot spontaneously and with minimal equipment. Photo: Anders Medhus.


Hallingcast is happy to assist with everything from script/direction to filming, editing, post-production (optimizing sound and image), and publishing.

We assemble teams/expertise for each task; creating an idea-based commercial with professional actors requires more than documenting skilled workers who enjoy their job and get it done.

Hallingcast delivers all categories of film and photography. We mostly operate "solo," or as "run'n'gun" as it is called in some textbooks.

Image generated by DALL•E

Video showcase

First off all, let's comment the AI image. We gave DALL•E the following prompt: "Analog film style: People in Norway parading for more movies online, such as Vimeo, Youtube, Rumble. Text for parole: "Vi vil ha film!".

There is reason to believe that human creativity will prevail, but it was worth a try with AI. More about "AI vs. Creativity" in a future blog post.

Below is a showcase from our filmproductions. Also, check out our Youtube channel - and feel free to follow us so we can grow!


We are present on a few digital-social channels. On Instagram (@hallingcast), you get a glimpse into our daily lives. 

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We look forward to helping you with film/photography to showcase your company, products, or specific projects. Contact us via the form on the next page, or use the email/phone number listed below.

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