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Von Doren
Product photo of Von Doren's chronograph "Il Tempo Gigante". Photo: Anders Medhus.

Stopwatch, not taximeter

Hallingcast is the choice for those who feel a certain unease about involving larger environments that resort to lengthy, costly processes without improving the end product.

At Hallingcast, we manage small and large projects steadily and prefer to deliver beyond expectations. We clarify questions along the way; you know what you're getting, when you're getting it, and what it costs. With over 20 years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the local business community, we work on a stopwatch, not a taximeter.

From the filming of a recruitment film for HallingTorv. Photo: Anders Medhus.

Creative and practical

Let's say you want video footage of a satisfied customer to feature on your website. Hallingcast ensures proper lighting, color balance, and good sound so that the customer in question – and you – are satisfied with the result.

Another version of this video includes underwater footage (the customer is a hobby diver), a scene where he sits in a cockpit (he's the "captain" of the football team in his spare time), a flock of white doves, a countdown to a rocket launch (launching a new product), and a sunset over a South Seas island (world-leading) followed by the logo.

Good ideas are good regardless, as are stories. Once we agree on what we're going to create and/or tell, it's about organizing, executing, and delivering – with good quality, on time, and at the right price.


Here is the method we use to develop the communication strategy that will guide you and us to the goal. Like with all recipes, the order is important.

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1) Who are we talking to?

Audience insight is the starting point for all communication. Who are they, what lives do they lead, and what do our services and products mean in their everyday lives?

2) What do we want to say to them?

The message, promise, or sales argument can never be too clear or too simple.

3) How do we say it?

Creative, precise communication to convey the message in a way that is attractive to the people in the target audience.

4) Where do we say it?

Choice of tools, platforms, and other media channels to make our creative and selling messages visible to the target audience.

5) How do we measure the effects?

Methods and tools for measuring effectiveness are selected based on the tools, platforms, and channels in use. Point-of-sale displays, engagement, number of link clicks, website visits, and orders/purchases – the end result is what matters.

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