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WideCMS – There's a time and place for Everything

Web & Tech
From the premises of Seeds Consulting AS in Oslo. Photo: Anders Medhus.

Ever since I dived into the world of web development in the late 90s and started Hallingdal's first web design agency, Hallingdal WebDesign, the journey has been both challenging and rewarding. My long career took a new turn when I began collaborating with Anders Medhus in the early 2000s.

This partnership opened new doors for both of us, especially in server management and the development of advanced solutions like WideCMS – a publishing tool well-known and used by many businesses in Hallingdal.

Challenges and Changes

Challenges have been frequent, particularly with the increasing competition from free solutions like WordPress, which pressured our ability to profitably manage a home-grown solution. Despite this, local support from Hallingdal’s businesses has never waned, and WideCMS still powers a handful of websites.

However, the time has come for change. I have embarked on new adventures as a technical project leader and system architect for some of Norway's largest brands through the company Seeds, as well as my own internet project, Itefy. Therefore, the time has come to retire WideCMS, after more than 20 years of faithful service. We will continue to operate the platform as long as there are customers using the tool, but I encourage transitioning to newer systems.


Professional Publishing Tool

It is with great pleasure that I see Anders through Hallingcast now offering top modern web solutions with CraftCMS. This professional publishing tool has been on the market for a long time, and in recent years it has truly evolved to become one of the most user-friendly and flexible solutions for web publishing. CraftCMS is continuously developing and is used by both small and large businesses worldwide, including some of my own projects with the UN Association and Nortura, Gilde, and Prior.

CraftCMS carries forward many of the ideas and visions I had for WideCMS and is thus a worthy successor. I recommend everyone who uses – or has used – WideCMS to contact Hallingcast to explore the possibilities CraftCMS can offer to build a robust, modern web solution.

Thank you for many years of support and collaboration.

We look forward to new and exciting digital horizons.