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Would you buy a brand new car for 1 200 USD?

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Would you buy a brand new car for 1 200 USD? Not if you found out it only goes forward, has a range of 11 km, takes 4 days to charge the battery, and cannot be locked.

Unfortunately, many businesses have been burned by purchasing cheap websites with similar limitations. When you want to make changes or expand, it turns out that it is not possible to add subpages, an online store, security certification, a blog, or a contact form.

Moreover, it can be hacked faster than you can say cybercrime. The deficiencies become so numerous that the cheap website quickly becomes as useless as the electric car.

Hallingcast AS is pleased to offer you a replacement for the old site with a brand new, much safer, and more user-friendly website built in Craft CMS*. This is the same technical solution that more and more companies and public organizations choose when upgrading.

  • User-friendly. It is intuitive and easy to change content yourself; you don’t need technical expertise.
  • Secure. All components of the website are created in one unified system architecture.
  • Performance. Craft is known for faster load times and better responsiveness, which improves the user experience.
  • Flexibility. It is easy to customize the solution to your business because you are not bound by predefined themes and structures.
  • Support. Excellent official documentation/support and an active/helpful community mean you quickly get help to solve problems.
  • Built-in multilingual capabilities. It is easy to manage content in multiple languages.
  • Price. We deliver your new, secure, and user-friendly website complete – including coding, design, text, testing, and security certification – at prices starting right around 4 000 USD, excluding VAT**.

Hallingcast AS collaborates with Europe’s leading developer communities and has a network of the best assistants in strategy, concept, text, and sound production. We ourselves ensure photography, film, and reliable project management so that everything works perfectly and flawlessly at the agreed time.

* Here is a long-read article (8 minutes) in English about how P2H Inc transformed Hallingcast’s vision into a dynamic, feature-rich, and engaging website using the Craft CMS platform.

** Needs, desires, and opportunities depend, among other things, on the industry, the size of the company, the business plan, and the target groups. We naturally tailor an offer suited to your business.

See here for our hosting packages and discount schemes.

How long does it take to switch to Craft CMS?

If you act now, we can have a meeting and give you an offer before you go on holiday. And have the website ready for launch by the time you return.

Hope to hear from you!

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Photo: GIF, borrowed from the article by P2H Inc.